When Tracy and Scott Mills decided to name their new restaurant Sunny’s, Tracy knew the name would be a challenging legacy to live up to.  Tracy’s grandfather, Edward ‘Sunny’ Sheehy, enjoyed eating and cooking a great breakfast, but he had very high standards.  He liked his coffee hot and filled to the brim, he liked his toast uncut under his dropped egg and he disliked potato skins on his homefries and he was not afraid to voice any dissatisfaction.    Most Saturday mornings, Sunny Sheehy could be found ready to “shout for breakfast,” which meant he was buying.   He would travel as far as he felt necessary to get a good breakfast or often he frequented a variety of restaurants on the Seacoast, with his wife, Magee, and a daughter or two and a Boston Herald tucked under his arm.  Sunny was also known to cook a mean breakfast for the whole Sheehy clan when away at “Camp Sunny Magee,” he started with a well-seasoned iron skillet and always with a song….”Oh What A Beautiful Morning.”

Sunny’s is the newly renovated breakfast and lunch restaurant on 125 in Lee and they bring Sunny’s love of great food, attention to quality, commitment to community and family and perhaps a bit of humor to every plate.  Decorating the restaurant are pictures of Lee where Scott’s family have cultivated their roots for generations.  Buying this restaurant wasn’t just about having “any restaurant”.  For Scott it was about being a part of his hometown, serving the people that have been a part of his family memories forever.  For Tracy, it’s about continuing her family tradition of gathering together, usually made special with great food, that’s why Tracy has received some of her Grandmother, Magee’s, favorite family recipes and you can find them incorporated into the entire menu. 

Tracy and Scott Mills bring years of business and hospitality experience to this new endeavor and hope you enjoy Sunny’s.